Illinois Flavored Tobacco Ban Bill Filed

A bill has been introduced that would ban the sale of flavored tobacco products and flavored vaping products in the state of Illinois. Rep. Deb...
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Redondo Beach, Calif. Gives First Approval to Citywide Smoking Ban, Tobacco Retailer Permit

In the near future, it could very likely get a lot harder to smoke in Redondo Beach, as on Tuesday the city council unanimously approved...
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Litchfield, Minn. Rejects Minimum Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase

Last month, it seemed almost certain that the small Minnesota town of Litchfield would increase the minimum age to purchase tobacco. Now, the bill is...
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Smyrna, Ga. Increases Minimum Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21

The Atlanta suburb of Smyrna has increased the minimum age to purchase and possess tobacco from 18 to 21. Earlier this week, the Smyrna City...
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Saco, Maine Bans Tobacco on All City-Owned Property

At its meeting on Tuesday, the Saco City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that will make all city-owned properties completely tobacco and smoke free, prohibiting...
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Vermont Joins Tobacco 21 List Today

If you want to purchase tobacco products in Vermont, you will now need to be at least 21-years-old as a piece of legislation passed back...
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Arkansas Increases Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21 Today

The minimum age to purchase tobacco products is now 21-years-old in Arkansas, which joins Texas in officially becoming members of the Tobacco 21 movement. The...
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Texas’ Tobacco Purchasing Age Now 21

At the stroke of midnight this morning, the minimum age to purchase tobacco products in Texas went to 21-years-old, unless you’re part of a small...
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Carbondale, Colo. Bans Flavored Tobacco

The Carbondale Board of Trustees took a drastic step in trying to reduce tobacco and nicotine use this week, banning the sale of all flavored...
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Eagle, Colo. Rejects Tobacco Purchasing Age Increase, Tobacco Tax

While Eagle County approved an ordinance raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21-years-old this week, the county seat of Eagle rejected a...
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Eagle County, Colo. Raises Tobacco Purchasing Age, Sends Tax Increase to Voters

Like many of its neighboring municipalities have done in recent weeks, Eagle County has voted in favor of raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco...
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