IPCPR 2019: Quality Importers/XIKAR

In terms of news, 2018 was definitely a big one for XIKAR, as in January of that year the company was acquired by Quality Importers,...
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IPCPR 2019: Top 3 Things — Brooks Whittington

Another IPCPR Convention & Trade Show—my eighth, if I recall correctly—has come and gone, and so it is time once again to list some of...
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IPCPR 2019 Brizard & Co.

As mentioned last year, Brizard & Co. has been around for a while, but this is only the second year that we’ve covered its trade...
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IPCPR 2019: Southern Draw

Southern Draw made it clear a few months ago: the 2019 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show would be a big one for the company. On...
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Czevitrum Ashtrays Make U.S. Debut at 2019 IPCPR

Czevitrum, a Czech company that specializes in handblown glass lamps, bowls and other accessories has released its collection of glass ashtrays to the U.S., making...
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IPCPR 2019: Chinnock Cellars

Chinnock Cellars has been a mainstay at IPCPR for several years now, and while occupying a single space booth towards the back of the floor,...
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IPCPR 2019: JetLine

While the JetLine booth may not quite reach accessory overload status, it does come pretty close. The company features a number of new products at...
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IPCPR 2019: Warfighter Tobacco Co.

For the third consecutive year, Warfighter Tobacco Co. is at the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show and while there were not many new products other...
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IPCPR 2019: Colibri

Colibri returned to the trade show with a booth that does a solid job showcasing its new products via large panels, with display cubes set...
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IPCPR 2019: Selected Tobacco S.A.

Selected Tobacco S.A. was back again with the same booth, which is great because it’s a near museum-like presentation of their beautiful packaging and products....
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IPCPR 2019: Arango Cigar Co.

If Arango Cigar Co is known for anything at the show, it’s probably for its giant pipe display made out of pipes, which you can...
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