IPCPR 2011

IPCPR 2011: P.G. Cigars

Over the past few months Paul Garmirian Cigars has become a fairly covered branded on TheCigarFeed, so it should come as no surprise that they...
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IPCPR 2011: EloGio

One of the busiest booths of the show? EloGio. The boutique’s tiny booth was jammed pack with retailers making it near impossible to get the...
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IPCPR 2011: Rocky Patel

And the most buzzed about cigar on the trade show floor…? The Rocky Patel 50th. It’s a bit shocking even to me given what else...
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IPCPR 2011: E.P. Carrillo

Top to bottom, there’s no competition, it’s E.P. Carrillo. Simply put, there is not a cigar brand that puts out a better portfolio than E.P....
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IPCPR 2011: La Aurora and Miami Cigar & Co.

Too much. In a year were many manufacturers made it very clear they were aware of the amount of new releases collectively, Miami Cigar &...
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IPCPR 2011: Toraño & Graycliff

I suspect there shall be a lot more grouping of these two companies together in the future, and as far as the trade show was...
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IPCPR 2011: Cigar Family

Where was Casa Cuba? I apologize to all of the Fuente/Newman employees that had to answer that question. There was more in the Cigar Family...
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IPCPR 2011: Quesada

I saw Terence Reilly pretty early into my stay into Vegas. I had a good conversation with one of the key players at Quesada/MATASA/SAG Imports,...
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IPCPR 2011: Oliva Cigar Co.

Publicly, the biggest news regarding Oliva and the 2011 IPCPR was the court order that prevented former employee Sam Leccia from attending the trade show....
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IPCPR 2011: Drew Estate

Last year’s winner of the large booth award was back and the rumors before the show started was it was going to bigger than ever....
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2011 IPCPR Preview

And here we are. The documentation Jonathan Drew has been waiting for, the IPCPR releases. It’s another list, this time just the IPCPR releases. It’s...
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