IPCPR 2016

Boveda Adding Larger 320 gram Pouches (Update)

At the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Boveda introduced a 330 gram version of its patented product, however, it will now be a 320 gram...
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IPCPR 2016: Recluse

Shortly before the beginning of the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Recluse Cigar Co./Iconic Leaf announced that it would be releasing nine new lines...
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IPCPR 2016: Elie Bleu

The big news is Elie Bleu is now distributed by Rëyns International. But that’s not all that’s happening, this year marks the 40th year of...
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IPCPR 2016: EH Cigars

Inside the CLE booth, Edgar Hoill’s EH Cigars and OSOK brands were setup on display. EH Cigars was launched when Hoill joined up with Christian Eiroa...
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IPCPR 2016: JRE Tobacco Co.

In the back corner of the CLE booth, JRE Tobacco set up shop, slightly inconspicuous, but perhaps a bigger deal than it might appear. JRE...
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IPCPR 2016: Ezra Zion

Inside the Boutiques Unified booth, the Ezra Zion crew were greeting a steady stream of retailers despite the fact they didn’t have anything new to...
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IPCPR 2016: Total Flame

While the Total Flame booth was tucked away in the back row, I didn’t have trouble finding it as they still had a sizable display...
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IPCPR 2016: LH Premium Cigars

While the smaller LH Premium Cigars booth was kind of tucked between some other booths, Nicholas Syris’ charismatic and energetic personality made it an easy...
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IPCPR 2016: Lampe Berger Paris

Decorative aroma devices and cigars aren’t normally discussed together, but Lampe Berger Paris has promoted its product partially for that very reason—to get rid of...
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IPCPR 2016: Fable Cigars

Another company that was featured in the RoMa Craft booth was Fable Cigars. Fable Cigars, owned by Mitul Shah and Sean Kremenetski, have their cigars...
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IPCPR 2016: Top 3 Things – Brian Burt Edition

So as you’ve probably seen the other three members of the halfwheel staff write, here is my participation in the Top 3 Things posts we’re...
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