Later this month, two smaller additions to the Casdagli portfolio will debut ahead of their expected release in March.

Those cigars are part of the Villa Casdagli Petit Exquisitos, a new line of cigars that were first shown off during an event in Dubai centered around the Villa Casdagli. Attendees of the event were given six different petite cigars, each centered around a singular component that is used to make the full Villa Casdagli blend.

Both cigars are 4 x 35 petite coronas that are Cuban sandwich style cigars, a term that refers to a style of mixed filler cigar. In addition, both use an Ecuadorian wrapper and binder, the same as the Villa Casdagli Toro.

The Nicarita is actually a filler tobacco, ligero from Estelí, Nicaragua. The Peruvita is also a filler tobacco, this time from Peru.

Each has an MSRP of $5 and will be offered in packs of five and 25.

“I wanted to create these petit exquisitos to allow our botl and sotl to truly experience and understand the individual tobaccos that form the blend of our Villa Casdagli Line cigars,” said Jeremy Casdagli, owner of Casdagil, in a press release. “We truly want our clients to comprehend our cigar blends.”

Casdagli credits Luke Dobbs—creator of the Casdagli lounge in Tallinn, Estonia—as pushing for these cigars to be released.

The cigars will be shown off later this month at TPE 2022 (Tobacco Plus Expo), which takes place Jan. 26-28 in Las Vegas. Casdagli says the cigars should begin shipping to stores in March.

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