Originally announced in 2011, the Cain F Lancero made quite a splash as a blend that combined a complex profile, a lancero vitola and excellent construction all in a tubo priced originally at six dollars. In 2012, it was included as part of the first STUDIO TOBAC Limited Edition sampler before being released in 10-count boxes to multiple retailers across the country. 

Here is what I said in my first review back in December of 2010:

The interesting thing to me is how much in common yet unlike the other Cain Fs this Lancero blend is. I always thought when smoking other Cain Fs that they were a pretty good smoke, but were lacking complexity and balance. Well, the Lancero delivers what I was wanting in spades, and while it has some of the same core flavors, the lack of overwhelming spice and pepper that is detrimental to the other Cain F vitolas along with a great underlying sweetness is what pushes this stick over the top for me. An extremely enjoyable cigar that took me by surprise. Sadly, most cigar lovers will most likely never get the chance to try one unless Oliva decides to make it a regular production at some point in the future.

Turns out, Oliva would decide to make the Cain F Lancero a semi-regular release. The cigar has been released in various limited batches over the course of the last few years, usually around 2,000 boxes of 10 per shipment.

Here is what I said for my first redux back in January of 2012:

When I heard these were being released as a regular release, I was a bit concerned whether Oliva could make the regular release as good as what I scored over a year ago. Well, I am happy to say, that the new versions are virtually identical to what I smoked back then. This is easily one of the best non-Cuban Lanceros on the market and when you throw in the astounding price of $6.00 each (even with the Tubo), these are a no brainer to buy by the box. You seriously can’t go wrong.


  • Cigar Reviewed: Cain F Lancero
  • Country of Origin: Nicaragua
  • Factory: Tabacalera Oliva de Nicaragua S.A.
  • Wrapper: Nicaragua
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Size: 7 Inches 
  • Ring Gauge: 38
  • Vitola: Lancero
  • MSRP: $6.00 (Boxes of 10, $60.00)
  • Date Released: January 2012
  • Number of Cigars Released: Regular Production
  • Number of Cigars Smoked for Redux:  1 

A deep mocha brown wrapper that is extremely rough to the touch covers the Cain F Lancero and it still exhibits a bit of oil up and down its length. The cigar is a bit spongy when squeezed, but not so bad that I think it is underfilled. Aroma from the wrapper is a surprisingly strong combination of baker’s spice, cinnamon, vanilla and a small amount of black pepper.

The Cain F Lancero starts out the first third with great amount of spice on the tongue and black pepper on the retrohale, along with strong flavors of oak, leather, earth, bitter cocoa and even some black licorice.

A very distinct molasses sweetness is present on the finish for the entire first half, really bumping up the complexity of the overall profile. The sweetness stays in the profile through the end of the cigar, although it does morph into more of a vanilla bean note at around the two-thirds mark. Right after the start of the second half, a nice creaminess sets into the profile and the dominant flavor becomes more of a chocolate and coffee mix, staying until the end of the smoke. 

Cain F Lancero

Construction-wise, the Cain F Lancero was excellent in all regards, with a draw that featured a wonderful amount of resistance and a burn that was close to razor sharp. Smoke production was well above average for the entire length of the cigar, while the strength started out the first third below medium before ramping up and reaching a point very close to the full mark by the end of the cigar. The finish is one of the best parts of this blend, featuring a creamy nuttiness that lingers nicely on the palate.

93 Overall Score

I always find it interesting when someone asks the question: "How do non-Cuban cigars age long term/" In general, I will agree that quite a few of the cigars that we enjoy are better fresh, albeit to different degrees. However, the Cain F Lancero is one of the exceptions to this. After nearly three and a half years, the flavors in the profile are still quite distinct, the pepper on the retrohale is still in full force, and most importantly, the exceptional balance that the blend shows is still extremely impressive. I bought more than 10 boxes of these when they were first released, and the good news is that they still have plenty left to continue aging. One of the best values of the last five years.

Original Score (December 2010)
Redux Score (January 2012)
Redux Score (April 2014)

Brooks Whittington

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