Remember when I rambled about how Nosotros was dead. Surprise!

Well, it’s not being brought back to life per se, but it is going to live on. A few (count ’em on one hand) retailers around the country have been offered to sell the second batch of Nosotros. If you remember the story correctly, after production delays on the initial batch of Nosotros, Dion Giolito finally pulled the plug on the second batch after more delays in the Drew Estate factory.

I have no clue when the cigars are going to be in retailers, although I have to imagine it will be sometime in 2011. They will be offered in bundles (I believe of 20), unbanded and sold at roughly half the price ($4-$5.) I know these were offered to retailers by Drew Estate a few weeks ago, but don’t have a final list. I can however confirm that Outlaw Cigar will be one of the retailers that has these. Outlaw bought all of the remaining stock and these will be available only through Outlaw Cigar Co.

As for how many cigars are left? I’ve heard numbers but nothing anywhere close to reliable.

Giolito tweeted the following:

I sent all Nosotros cigars back to Drew Estate because they weren’t up to my standards. What Drew Estate does with them, I could care less.

Update (January 3, 2010): Here’s pricing from Outlaw Cigar.

Outlaw 13.png

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