Boveda Adding Larger 320 gram Pouches (Update)


At the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Boveda introduced a 330 gram version of its patented product, however, it will now be a 320 gram unit. The company made the decision to switch to a slightly lighter product so that a single unit would ship in a package weighing less than a pound, something that will allow for cheaper shipping rates compared to a 330 gram unit. The unit is over five times larger than its standard unit, a 60 gram pouch.

Boveda 330 gram pack


The new unit will retail for $18 and can be attached to the lid of a humidor using a magnetic mounting plate, which retails for $15.

Boveda 330 gram humidor

“We feel the addition of the 330 gram unit will round out the already formidable Boveda product offering, giving cigar smokers another option for less maintenance and peace of mind knowing their humidor is being properly controlled,” said Sean Knutsen, the company’s ceo, in a press release.

Boveda 330 gram plate

Bovedas use a combination of salt, water and a proprietary gumming agent inside a patented permeable pouch that allows humidity to enter and exit the pouch without it spilling. Each Boveda is set to perform at a certain relative humidity, such as 62, 65, 69 and 72 percent. If the relative humidity in the air around the Boveda is higher than the set number, the product will absorb the excess moisture until the ambient humidity has reached the set number. If it’s too low, the product will release moisture until it reaches these levels.

The technology inside, which relies on the basic science of salt, is not rocket science, but Boveda owns the patents on packaging the salt, water and gumming agent inside a pouch for smaller and portable use.

Boveda calls this two-way humidity control, something that has been the main selling point of the product.

Boveda 330 gram carton

It will be offered in 62, 65, 69, 72, 75 and 84 percent offerings.

The 320 gram units are larger and heavier, meaning they hold more water inside and should last longer. The company says that the single larger unit is designed to replace the 3-4 60 gram units that normally are required for use in most desktop humidors.

Update (Aug. 26, 2016) — Boveda has announced the new unit will be 320 grams instead of 330 grams. The move was made to help reduce the shipping costs for a single unit. 

This story was originally published on July 21, 2016.

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