It will go up rather shortly, but first an introduction, because every year we try this, and every year it causes some sort of controversy in the comments section.

The first collaborative project between Brooks and I was actually an April Fool’s Day review. It was a joke, what we thought was a pretty obvious one. Super obvious. It apparently wasn’t and that caused problems.

Since that debacle we have taken a slightly different approach so that no one freaks out, one that sees us producing serious work on perhaps a less than super serious cigar. We have a guideline, every cigar that gets reviewed for the site gets scored, and so that makes this difficult, but we have tried to pick certain things that are out of the ordinary, yet still interesting and I think today’s is no different.

That being said, we understand this particular genre of cigars is a sensitive manner. It’s also one that most reviewers should probably stay away from with a 20-foot pole because it raises questions.

There will be controversy, I’m sure. There will be complaints, it happens. Some of them fair, some of them—as is always the case—will be avoided if you read the review in its entirety. That’s all we ask of you, just to read all of the review before you comment. Sadly, there is no review that has more thought put into it than that of the one that gets published on April 1 and we try to run through every possible point of controversy and get ahead of it. It’s a long process, one that has a lot of ideas vetoed because of our own personal concerns and complaints.

I think there’s a lot of good discussion that can come of this particular review, but there is a point where the April 1 reviews become too much extra work, we might just treat April 1 like any other normal review day.

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Charlie Minato

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