Joseph Carroll
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I am an enthusiast of all things cigars - from the experience of smoking, to becoming engrossed in their culture. In an age increasingly dominated by technology and automated manufacturing, I consciously strive to retain an appreciation for pursuits based around concepts like craftsmanship, passion, and artistic expression. I believe that quirks and flaws are often what gives art its beauty. I aim to embrace both the good and the bad in my writing, as I think both sides of the coin are necessary to capture something in its entirety. In my spare time I enjoy reading, exceeding speed limits, and nursing my fetish for all things Koenigsegg Automotive.

On The Road With the Camacho American Barrel-Aged Tour

Last year, Camacho set out to find a way to make its events interesting, something beyond the tired and uninspired “buy three, get one free” routine....
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Bourbon Barrel Rehab: A Q&A With Kentucky Artisan Jeff Irish

The craze for bourbon is in full swing, but fueling the demand isn’t entirely smooth sailing. Bourbon has rules. It must be produced in the...
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Pairing Guide: Camacho American Barrel-Aged & Bourbon

Yesterday was national bourbon day, so it’s only fitting that Camacho’s new American Barrel-Aged heads to stores today. It’s a cigar made with Camacho’s signature...
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Behind the Brand: Davidoff Winston Churchill

“Well, that’s different.” That was my first thought upon the unveiling of Davidoff Winston Churchill, and I imagine similar sentiments were echoed in the company’s board room...
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Behind the Blend: Davidoff Winston Churchill

A lot goes into creating any cigar. For new cigars, blends have to be created, a brand has to be envisioned, packaging has to be...
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Painting the New Davidoff Winston Churchill

Last year, Davidoff showed off the new face of the Winston Churchill brand at an event in New York City. Earlier this year—as you’ve probably...
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Introducing Reklame

My name is Joseph Carroll, and I am the person behind producing content for a new project called, Reklame. Pronounced re-claim, the word is Norwegian...
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