During next month’s 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show, Selected Tobacco S.A. will be releasing a version of its Atabey Dioses cigar that has been aged twice as long as the cigar is normally aged.

The Atabey Dioses 10-Year Extra Aged has undergone a total of 10 years of aging in cedar-lined and French oak-lined rooms, a process where the humidity is intentionally raised and lowered while the cigars age. The company’s normal version of the Atabey Dioses—as well as a number of the company’s other blends—are aged utilizing the same process but for a period of between two to five years.

“Like a Chef’s sauce reduction, the same has happened here,” said Oliver Nivaud, director of operations at United Cigars—which distributes the brand in the U.S.—in a press release. “Cigars have a tendency to mellow with the additional aging, but the signature Atabey flavor notes have intensified on the Dioses while going through the Selected Tobacco aging process unique to the industry.”

Both the 8 x 50 vitola and the blend of the new limited edition will be the same as the original Atabey Dioses; specifically, an Ecuadorian habano wrapper covering an undisclosed binder and a filler blend consisting of Peruvian ligero and additional tobaccos of an undisclosed origin. As is the case with the rest of the Atabey lines, the cigars are being rolled at the Tabacos de Costa Rica factory.

According to a press release, despite the extra aging time the initial batch of Atabey Dioses 10-Year Extra Aged will feature the same $36 MSRP as the normal Atabey Dioses and will be packaged in the same dress boxes as well, albeit with the addition of a “10-Year aged sticker” added to the inside of the box and outer carton. That first release will consist of only 370 boxes of 25, for a total of 9,250 cigars.

The 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show takes place July 8-11 in Las Vegas.

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