Ask halfwheel: Will the Cuban Crop Affect the Premium Tobacco Industry in the U.S.?


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This week, reader Blake wants to know if we think Cuba’s problematic crop will have any effect on the U.S. premium tobacco (cigar) industry:

With the Cuban tobacco crop suffering from unusual weather this growing season, it’s sure to put some strain on Cuban exports; however, with no direct exports to the United States, how might the harm to the Cuban crop affect the premium tobacco industry within the United States?

Quite simply, it won’t.

While I certainly think there could be more than just Cuban tobacco in the new Vegueros blend, Habanos S.A. is somewhat of an insular beast when it comes to the raw tobacco side. Some allege Cuba imports tobacco, albeit, no one has come up with any concrete proof that it imports tobacco for cigars. Cuba has, from time to time, exported some tobacco to European companies like those run by the Meerapfel and Villiger families.

But other than that, it seems relatively isolated.

I do think that the shrinking supply of Cuban cigars will definitely be felt by those Americans who purchase Cuban cigars. As we’ve noted before, certain cigars, like the Cohiba BHK, have been absent in certain parts of the world in the last year.

That being said, supply issues for certain lines aren’t anything new to consumers in both the U.S. and abroad.

Does anything happening in Cuba affect your next purchase of a Padrón Family Reserve or La Flor Dominicana Air Bender—I really can’t see how it would.

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