Opened in 2007, the latest location for Nat Sherman’s retail tobacco shop is located on 42nd Street off of Fifth Avenue in New York City around the corner from the New York Public Library. It is an impressive looking shop, with three levels: the first floor is completely taken up by a member’s only lounge and private humidors, the second floor is where the main shop and the humidor is, while the third floor holds various offices and meeting rooms.

While photographing the building, I was struck not by the history of this specific building, but by the history of the brand itself, which has been around since 1930. Old photographs showing various celebrities enjoying Nat Sherman cigars cover the walls, along with framed orders from people like Frank Sinatra. There is a grand piano in an alcove above the entrance to the store, and I love the fact that a red neon sign that says “Cigars” was brought over from the store at 5th Avenue and hung above the main cash register. The humidor is quite large and includes an extensive range of cigars from various brands and manufacturers, including obviously Nat Sherman.

The entire space is dedicated to the idea that we should slow down and savor the moment with a cigar, of course, and I was relaxed from the moment I left the busy streets of New York and stepped into the store. Honestly, it will be one of my first stops the next time I visit New York.

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Brooks Whittington

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