Ok, it is time to announce the Winner of the 3rd Annual Christmas Contest!

I did a number drawing last night (using Random.org, as you can see), and the number that came up was 93!

Christmas Contest 2011 1.png

That number just happened to match up with Doogie, who asked for:

1st choice —- something really old (never had something seriously aged before), smooth, and creamy

2nd choice —- a well-aged opusx (only have had new ones before)

As in years past, we are not only going to grant his First Wish, but his Backup as well :) So, as the winner, he will receive the following:

  • Not one, but TWO El Ray del Mundo Panetelas Largas from the early 1980’s (my box was sealed when I opened it)
  • And an Opus X Robusto from 1998! (Notice the extremely brown band, and the Cello is nice and yellow and crusty!)

Christmas Contest 2011 2.png

(Doogie, send me your address to [email protected] as soon as you can, so I can get these out in time for Christmas!)

So there you have it, another year over! We have some VERY interesting things happening next year (I think it is fair to say that yall will be fairly shocked on January 1st when you log into the site!) and we can’t wait for you to see what we have been working on!

We will have reviews the rest of the week this week, and our 2011 Top 10 List will be online the week after Christmas, as always!


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