8. ADVentura & McKay The Conqueror

How does a company bring to life a cigar inspired by the seafaring adventures of ADVentura and his companion, McKay? With a box designed to look like a boat, obviously.

The company—ADVentura & McKay—made its IPCPR debut in 2019 and this was the featured new release in the nautically-themed booth. It is the third in the ADVentura series, joining The Navigator and The Explorer, each of which come with maps and storylines chronicling the travels of the characters, providing something to read while enjoying the cigars.

The Conqueror’s box is made to look like a small boat, complete with a hole in the bow for a cigar to replicate part of the sail’s rigging. The 20 cigars are stored in the “hold” area in the middle of the boat, while the lid opens up and becomes part of the aft section. — Patrick Lagreid/Brooks Whittington.