1. Cohiba Spectre

Some years the most expensive nomination wins this award. Other years, the heaviest box has won this award. This year, it’s once again a bit of both, though, not a humidor.

The Cohiba Spectre, General Cigar Co.’s $90 limited edition Cohiba is special in just about everyway. There’s aged tobacco, some from as far back as 1995; the cigar was only rolled by a single pair; it’s expensive; it’s limited—and then there’s packaging.

Nsolo Consulting Group, the same people behind multiple packaging award winners—including last year’s winner—helped General with this design. It starts with a large black circular display box, that opened reveals a silver, space age-like design with a red acrylic lid that is a nod to the company’s signature red dot in the Cohiba logo. The clear plastic extends to the individual cigars, which are packaged in tubos made from the tinted material.

At 8.2 pounds and $900 per box, the Cohiba Spectre is the heaviest box, most expensive cigar and the best overall design of any of our packaging nominations for 2018. — Charlie Minato.