2018 Awards: Packaging Top 10

A new date, but same concept. This is halfwheel's 2018 Packaging Top 10.

While we spend most of our time focusing on the blends of cigars, we know that many companies spend a significant amount of effort on making their cigars look as pretty as possible. As such, these awards represent what the halfwheel staff deems as the best new packaging for 2018.

Eligibility is based on a few requirements:

  1. The product must be new for 2018. Also, it must actually ship to retailers in 2018. (At least one potential winner was excluded as it did not actually arrive at retail by the end of the year.)
  2. The design must be primarily new. Simply changing the color or font on a previous design isn’t good enough.
  3. Humidors are excluded unless it’s the only way to purchase the cigar